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Sticky Post

Hoohoo, the Muffin Man's here.


Does absence makes the heart grows fonder?

I miss you.

Ignorance is bliss.

Why is ignorance bliss? Ignorance is bliss because if you don't know something, it can't hurt you. Ignorance is bliss, because knowledge is pain. Ignorance is bliss because ignorance causes innocence. Ignorance is bliss simply for bliss's sake.

As the human mind becomes wiser and learns more about the world around it, things lose their value. The more we age, the further we lose touch of who we are and begin to restrain ourselves for fear of others. Certain things that seems to appeal to us and appears to be so awesome slowly lose their sense of appeal simply because one realizes that there is so much more out there. Things that we loved dearly will slowly begin to be repulsive. We find ourselves rejecting what we were once fond of. And, in that course of action, we hurt others unintentionally who doesn't have the slightest inkling what is going on.

Ignorance is in fact bliss, because what you don't know, cannot and will not hurt you.

Does she hates me?
I'm too afraid to find out.

Is it better to know nothing than to suspect something or is it better to know than to suspect the worst?

Solitary moment.

I can't believe it. It still seems so surreal. So unreal. It's like I'm living in a time warp. Where everything keeps replaying and rewinding itself over and over again. Only that it's happening in my brain. I find myself all alone in this vast world. Without a soul I can turn to. I find everyone around me repulsive. I'm lost till a point where I couldn't care less about the people around me. It's just me alone against the fucking world.

Was it all just a dream?
Albeit a beautiful one.
Life is full of trouble, and there are days of heartache. That's a fact. Life is painful. For some people it seems as if each day is like being in a torture chamber - it is agonizing. If we dwell on the injustices of life, it will eventually lead us to bitterness. One of the reasons many of us struggle with the question of "Why is life so unfair?" is because we do not understand that this earth is not the land of the living; it is the land of the dying. All around us there is disease, death, and sadness. Murder, rape, daylight robbery are become daily occurrences. It has become a norm in our society. Shocking as it may be, but we have come to accept it as something that happens everyday and there's no stopping it. Where is the justice? What happened to "Justice shall always triumph over evil." We might find ourselves agreeing with the cynic who observed "No good deeds ever go unpunished." very soon.

Life sucks so badly.
It hurts everytime I think about it.
Maybe, just maybe. This is all just a bad dream.
Pinch me. Slap me.
So I may just wake up and find out it was all just one big nightmare.

Let a thousand flowers bloom.

This feeling deep within me. Something I've never felt before. Why does it gives me such a sense of foreboding. It simply fills me with dread and misery. It's bubbling inside of me. With a vengeance that would make a fat boy attacking a cake proud of.
Maybe it wasn't something so sudden. Maybe it didn't happen out of the blue. But I was just too blind to notice the signs. Blinded by love. I was always skeptical of the phrase 'Love is blind.' Now I'm a believer. Love makes one does strange things. Things that are beyond one's rational thoughts and thinking. Love. What actually is love?
Maybe one day I will find out.
Maybe one day i will discover the true meaning behind it.
People tend to change. Oh yes they do. A leopard never changes it's spots. What bullcrap.
Once upon a time, we were like a match made in heaven. Even the sweetest dreams one could have couldn't have compared to the time we had together. I must have sinned terribly in my past life. (not that i do believe in reincarnation) She was my punishment. Sadist the Gods are. Twisted sense of humour they have. Manipulating us mere mortals for a laugh or two. Probably Buddha and Jesus were bored at that time. To make me so happy it was like floating on a cloud only to bring me crashing back down to earth with a huge bang. Sticking a knife down my chest might hurt less. Never had my heart felt pain to this extent before. At times I wish I could just die. Maybe all the pain will go away. Maybe then I will finally feel at peace.
Am I a fool?
Fool for love. That's what I am.


kenny says hi. 

knncb##(*#(@((@*( dam pissed off ._ 2day i went 2 schl shit weh dam paiseh kanna bullied by two indian guys. plus im still dam depressed abt cutting my hair i know rite it was dam jimi hendrix and i sangat feel like jimi hendrix lives on in my hair. its like my hair is jimi hendrix reincarnated. its like. when i cut it off las year. i felt like i lost a part of me knnncb afdcn which was the jimi hendrix part of me jnjjnknncb but its ok ppl. the pain resides in me but i tabahla lmfao xD i kno rite. i sound abit like. im on crack. but its ok. its ok. its ok.

knncnhrhhehmothertut @*#((#*((!!!! gek sei shit la -.cibet rot in hell


sei lala zhai.

lala zhai

THIS, however, is me. KeNnY Ng KaIShEn. 
( mind you, for those who dont know how to write my name . its KAISHEN. not KAI SHEN. ) 

sigh. i have a confession .
i think i'm turning lala. more lala and lala and laalaaa.

I dont know why. Ana scolded me sei lala zhai.

am i really one? can anyone tell me  honestly?

Please do give me some feedback . so i won't turn lala.
i dont wan to be lala.


I'm a pure chindiannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ! 
and i'm liking it. so please. someone save me. :( 

your author.


Hi guys.........wait i mean girls..coz majority of the readers out there are girls,

I'm a friend blogging for kenny.

You all might not know who i am, but clue is i'm an emo guy and no its not winston.

He warned me not to post about emo stuff, so yeah i wont.

Here goes!!
Well i don't know what to blog about kenny except to say that form 6 he is taking is hard. So he play in class and practice card tricks the whole day. This is because he knows that if whatever bad happens, he can still make money by becoming street magician, or even a pro who makes gazillion of dollars. Which i think he can be, somehow there is a feeling inside of me saying that kenny is going to be rich one day. Richer than me...dang....But i don't know how he's gonna get the money, maybe through scams or by conning people through sms. Gullible Malaysians..Grrr!!

Well since i don't know what to blog about here, let me just write a long positive (mind that i cannot put negative comments for he will delete this post which took me my precious time to type =D ) comment on kenny.

Well Kenny used to have afro hair
He WAS handsome when he had that hair
But don't worry kenny, you're still handsome, just not as handsome as when you had your afro hair

Kenny is actually smart,
But he doesn't show it,
Keep his low profile,
Though he is rich with money,
He doesn't show it to people.
This is because he wants the sympathy of others so that he can get free food.
This is very smart of him,
See this is one of the factors that is gonna contribute to his wealth in the future.

Kenny is a good friend,
He would lie for his friends,
A bonus extra lie if his friend happens to be a girl,
I helped him lie for his friend before,
It was scary at first,
But i know that what he do for his friends are for their own good.

Kenny also likes to gossip,
Say if you wanna know who is with who,
You can ask him.
He will know before everyone else,
I'm not sure how he pull it off,
But i think his magic skills are really improving.

well thats all i'm gonna blog about kenny.



heyy! i'm hereee again. =] 

lalala. Let it snow.. let it snoww. ;)
Kenny ng kai sheen. I want frostiess. I demand for frostiesss! 
I dont caree! Get it for me! Rob snatch fight or whatever just get it for me. xD 

Terima kasih sexy. I'll be waiting for them. You can use alot ways to send them to me. eg.. Let it rain frosties. :)  At my house area only, and i'll catch them with all the buckets i have at home. 


heheh. =]

helloo bloggieee. againn. =] hee. reaali enjoy blogging this day. Oh so sexayy.  Just to let you people know, i am someone,someone nice tats helping keenny whom he reaally appreciates. =] i guess u got the rough idea who am i now huh. if u dont, then its okay. keep on guessing baby. =)) 

so yeahh. one week of my holidays are now gone alreadyy. : ( and sooonn, ill be back in that miserable school,abdul samaaaaaadd. the teachers all dam gayyyyyy ther,but yet say im gay. Shish rite? ahhaha! 

gah! i think i've gained like.. about 5 kg. eat eat eat and eat. sigh! bored to the max. someoneee! bring me out! shauuuuuuuuuuuuuun! where are uu!! my going out partnerrrrrrrrrr! ishhhhhhhhhhh! say wanna go genting at last ffk me. :/ 

anyway. its 0049 alreadyy. im tired.
                                                the muffinman is tired.
                                                the fat muffinman wants to sleep alreadyy.

tata blogg! :)) much lovessss. 

s h e n.